This campaign continues a story from a campaign I ran for a little while back in about 2004, much of the material here is updated from that, and some campaign material was written for my brother’s shortlived campaign a few months back.

In Brief:

The Empire of Erigain fell 1000 years ago, and it shattered into many smaller kingdoms, though trade routes still took advantage of ancient roads, the high magic and civil order that had marked the old empire was washed away by time. In the previous campaign I ran the PCs were active at the re-founding of the Empire, while NPCs were placing a young descendant of the ancient High Kings on the throne. The new Empire has now been in place for close to 100 years, and the newest High King Dallus has begun to “modernize” and move the empire toward his vision. This includes military expansion, the formation of an “administrative” governance, and bureaucracy system, and renaming the kingdom/empire after himself, thus the play is technically in Dallasia as PCs begin

Players are beginning adventurers lead to the wilds of the Iron Hills where troubles, and opportunities in the lost lands still abound. Far from the hearts of civilized Dallasia the PCs must find the room a new evil, establish themselves as heroes, and explore unfamiliar territory.


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