Session 2

The New town

  • Treasure in the basement of the Temple of St. Arrus, Hospitaller
  • Meet and use Friar Hugh the theologian while sneaking in to check out the basement
  • Meet and Get Aid from Lady Agethe, sister of the order of the Moon, temple of the Sky Queen
  • Nick meets and buys a suit from Herb The Haberdasher, Gossip
  • Hears about the disappearance of girls around the town and the region, including from Farmer Cabot’s House – Former Master of Arms
  • Interaction with: Sub Chief Adminstrator 3rd Class Helmut
  • Harmon’s Pig Farm – Site of a big Fire recently
  • See The Hotel Anjou (the projects within the city, most of the disappearances from within town)
  • Meet the weird Madame Cresida’s Trained Dogs, Kennel and Livery – She agrees to stable horses, and wars of the invasion of the nergels
  • Arrange a long term room for the group at The Ivory Angel Inn, Bar maids & Hillairee – bar owner
  • Go Shopping at stores owned by an old Adventuring Party – The Weary adventurer Bar – Bigsby (fighter), The Dry Goods Shop – Sherlindria (druid ranger), the Armorer – Thurgood (fighter dwarf), The Spitting Secret – Mythos (diviner),



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