Session 6

  • Shopping trip to Arkanus
  • The mages college, Nathan becomes a provisional member
  • Ralph leaves the jars of magic/sould jelly at the mage’s college
  • Meet The Orphan (Josh’s Character)
  • Troglodytes attack the ship on the way back
  • Returns to Dragonback
  • Sees Kozy
  • Goes to the Wailing Devi Brewery
  • Eldon Chases the guy back to where he disappears at the Ivory Angel Inn
  • Return to the Spider temple under the old Kobold Village
  • Avoid the Wolf Spiders by feeding them a bat swarm
  • Goes down and finds Gra’al locked in the anti magic chamber
  • Release Gra’al
  • Gra’al gives token to The Orphan and Ralph



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