Session 8

  • Phase spider encounter
  • Manticore encounter
  • Chatted with Haberdasher
  • Obtained package from Haberdasher’s helper
  • Nick and Eldon venture into the Dragon Back Keep
  • Eldon discover’s Lady Hymneria’s involvement in the plot
  • Hid and warded Lady Hymneria’s items in Kozy’s cave with help from Kozy, Lady Agethe and local adventurers
  • Resolved Farmer Cabot’s kidnapped daughter
  • Learned of Lady Hymneria’s apprentices’ (Foul and Phemos) involvement
  • Learned that Foul is possibility a relative from minor knight who owns mercenary Keep
  • Resolved the fire at Hammond’s pig farm


A few thoughts on Action Points: -Eldon’s epic rogue jaunt -Lia’s lap sitting -Nick’s fairly good shape shifting -Ralph’s “Random Encounter” with the assistant -Fisk’s realization that the items could, in fact, be traced

Session 8

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