Session 11
  • Defeated two minions.
  • Defeated Foul and Phemos.
  • Rumy reincarnated into an orc.
  • Witnessed Lady Hymneria’s escape.
  • Campaign concluded.
Session 10
  • Party fought the wyvern.
  • Nick and Eldon scouted the mine area.
  • Party cleared the entrance of the mine.
Session 9
  • Went to see Helmut to confirm Foul’s relationship to the Baronet of Hilltown.
  • Talked to Hermes about the militia.
  • Reported to Turf concerning the Baronet’s military build-up.
  • Followed Turf and his group to the Baronet’s Keep.
  • Scouted Keep defenses further.
  • Talked to Hermes upon coming back to town.
  • Eldon follows Hermes and spots the flying carpet.
  • Slept at Kozy’s.
  • Reported back to Turf.
  • Follows army to Keep and infiltrates through Dimensional Door.
  • Party takes Keep as King’s Army fireballs outside defenses. No sign of Lady Hymneria or Foul.
Session 8
  • Phase spider encounter
  • Manticore encounter
  • Chatted with Haberdasher
  • Obtained package from Haberdasher’s helper
  • Nick and Eldon venture into the Dragon Back Keep
  • Eldon discover’s Lady Hymneria’s involvement in the plot
  • Hid and warded Lady Hymneria’s items in Kozy’s cave with help from Kozy, Lady Agethe and local adventurers
  • Resolved Farmer Cabot’s kidnapped daughter
  • Learned of Lady Hymneria’s apprentices’ (Foul and Phemos) involvement
  • Learned that Foul is possibility a relative from minor knight who owns mercenary Keep
  • Resolved the fire at Hammond’s pig farm
Session 7
  • Interrogated prisoner
  • Delivered letter to mage at the Dragonback Keep.
  • Visit to Kozy to get potions of Sleeping Death
  • Traveled to ‘bandit’ Keep
  • Scouted around Keep and found zone of plant death
  • Went back to river and followed trail of death circles
  • Spoke with Gurza
  • Defeated Gurza and 2 flesh golem captains
Session 6
  • Shopping trip to Arkanus
  • The mages college, Nathan becomes a provisional member
  • Ralph leaves the jars of magic/sould jelly at the mage’s college
  • Meet The Orphan (Josh’s Character)
  • Troglodytes attack the ship on the way back
  • Returns to Dragonback
  • Sees Kozy
  • Goes to the Wailing Devi Brewery
  • Eldon Chases the guy back to where he disappears at the Ivory Angel Inn
  • Return to the Spider temple under the old Kobold Village
  • Avoid the Wolf Spiders by feeding them a bat swarm
  • Goes down and finds Gra’al locked in the anti magic chamber
  • Release Gra’al
  • Gra’al gives token to The Orphan and Ralph
Session 5

Take more refugees to the new Kobold village

Going For Platinum

Tomb Spiders

The Kids under the Bridge

Return the Tortoise Shell lute and the Crown of the Kobolds to your friends

Session 4


Session 3
Session 3
  • Fisk and Lia go to see the Heirophant
  • The Owlbear attacks, unfortunatly killed a protected species
  • Captured one of the bad guy hunting party and they get a Tip: Camp in the west
  • Meet a thief who has been following them , mentions the Nest and Hive, Halfling Mayor and the Thieves guild
  • Hear about the local underworld hangout at the Wailing Devi Brewery
Session 2
The New town
  • Treasure in the basement of the Temple of St. Arrus, Hospitaller
  • Meet and use Friar Hugh the theologian while sneaking in to check out the basement
  • Meet and Get Aid from Lady Agethe, sister of the order of the Moon, temple of the Sky Queen
  • Nick meets and buys a suit from Herb The Haberdasher, Gossip
  • Hears about the disappearance of girls around the town and the region, including from Farmer Cabot’s House – Former Master of Arms
  • Interaction with: Sub Chief Adminstrator 3rd Class Helmut
  • Harmon’s Pig Farm – Site of a big Fire recently
  • See The Hotel Anjou (the projects within the city, most of the disappearances from within town)
  • Meet the weird Madame Cresida’s Trained Dogs, Kennel and Livery – She agrees to stable horses, and wars of the invasion of the nergels
  • Arrange a long term room for the group at The Ivory Angel Inn, Bar maids & Hillairee – bar owner
  • Go Shopping at stores owned by an old Adventuring Party – The Weary adventurer Bar – Bigsby (fighter), The Dry Goods Shop – Sherlindria (druid ranger), the Armorer – Thurgood (fighter dwarf), The Spitting Secret – Mythos (diviner),

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