The Plot

Things the PC know about the weird defilement/Life Drain Magic that the bad guys are using:

  1. Liz saw a face in the viewing pool
  2. The attacks began about five months ago
  3. There are at least one powerful magic user involved to have invented this new magic
  4. The magic involves a stabby device which draws out the energy
  5. There are teams of hired thugs lead by more powerful captains who may know something about the plot
  6. While some Human magic users have been grabbed the main focus seems to be on darkling magic users and monsters with magic in them
  7. The bad guys were infecting miners with the thorn seeds to grow the plant so it could be drained of its energy
  8. The bad guys had drained a tomb spider, owlbears, ork and kobold shamans, Kozy’s wife
  9. The disappearance of normal girls in the area may be related
  10. The hiring of thugs seems to center in Dragon Back at the Wailing Devi brewery
  11. There is at least tacit assistance from the thieves guild
  12. The bad guy captains are connected to a base in the west, according to the captured goon
  13. The guy they thought might be connected and recruiting at the Wailing Devi managed to slip his tail after entering the Ivory Angel Inn
  14. There may or may not be a connection to the tunnels under town, and the guy searching in the basement of the Temple of St. Arrus

Further details of the life-drain magic plot

  1. Face Liz saw in the Sylph’s pool is Lady Hymneria
  2. Lady Hymneria claimed to know little about the plot but was clearly lying
  3. Mage College is investigating jars of magical energy – not sure how to ID or how they’d be used
  4. May be possible to ID individual soul and return to body – but don’t know how yet
  5. Blighter Gurza was somehow involved (don’t know how, cause we killed him)
  6. Parties of bad guy thugs meet near a well-fortified, heavily-guarded mercenary Keep. Keep belongs to a minor knight, a friend of the old Baron that was part of his court
  7. Two ranger bad-guy captains turned out to be flesh golems (or part flesh golems?)
  8. Two of Lady Hymneria apprentices (Foul and Phemos) are involved
  9. Foul related to some in Keep out West
  10. Farmer Cabot used a version of the life-drain magic to make himself stronger
  11. Lady Hymneria’s is involved: life-drain jars and instruments found in her rooms
  12. The Baronet and the mages were trying to seize power in the region.

Side-plot/other things PCs have noticed

  • Herb the Haberdasher has the town gossip, esp about the nobility (check w/ him on Lady H?) resolved
  • The basement of St Arrus contains Thamaturgical/Necromantic items and papers too complicated for the ex-carnies to understand
  • Eldon promised to visit the head of the thieves’ guild
  • Owner of the Wailing Devi is a fence, a criminal, and an informer; competitor of the thieves’ guild
  • Brother of the owner of the Wailing Devi is an ardant Devan nationalist who was recently arrested
  • Another new fence has come to town in competition with Devi owner and thieves’ guild
  • Farmer Cabot’s house – one of the missing girls resolved
  • Harman’s pig farm – everyone disappeared resolved
  • People are disappearing from the Hotel Anjou resolved
  • The Maiden House is half-brothel/half-orphanage – hinted that the orphanage is the interesting part

The Plot

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