Concept: Vold Trapspinner

Name: Chol Trapspinner
Race: Chitine
Class: Monstrous Humanoid 2, Ninja (or Rogue) 1+ (up to whatever we’re starting at)

Raw Stat Roll: 13 10 15 16 17 16 (1st try!)
Str: 13 Dex: 19 (17+2) Con: 17 (15+2) Int: 18 (16+2) Wis: 16 Cha: 6 (10-4)

  • Multiweapon Fighting (Racial)
  • Multidexterity (Racial Bonus)
  • Web (?) & Improved Web

Background: I would like to play as a Chitine (see Underdark, p.8) who left his underground home (I’m not sure I want to introduce the Underdark, just the race) to explore the much larger, and seemingly much more interesting topside. His family specialized in the construction of spun traps (which I’ll be putting points into as a racial skill), crafted from the silk produced by the Chitine. Prior to leaving, he fashioned himself a pair of dark goggles, which while allowing him to operate in full sunlight without becoming dazzled, also limits his vision.

Unfortunately, his first encounter with humans was with a band of slavers. The slavers, recognizing that his special abilities and intelligence would fetch a high price, quickly captured him. Upon being brought to the slave auction, he was purchased by a mysterious woman, who easily outbid every other contender. The woman later revealed herself to be a mid-ranking member of the King’s elite band of assassins. She had purchased Vold on the basis of his climbing and web spinning abilities, seeing great potential for him as an assassin. She was not, however, a kind master – and Vold was forced into years of hard training, being tortured when he refused or failed to complete tasks. Over the months he developed an intense hatred for the humans which had enslaved him, a hatred which the assassins provoked at every opportunity, thinking it would make him a more ruthless killer. However, he managed to maintain a grip on his own identity throughout the training, and constantly devised methods of escape. When his training was complete, the royal assassins required him to perform the rite of initiation – killing an individual for no other reason than to join the assassins. Thinking his will to have been broken long ago, the assassins showed a moment of weakness during the initiation, and Vold took this opportunity to escape from his captors.

To some degree, Vold wishes to extract vengeance against the slavers and the assassins, but so soon after escaping them he is still somewhat at a loss for what to do. He has considered joining an adventuring party – a partnership which would provide him with cover, allowing him to purchase goods and services without townsfolk becoming horrified by his appearance. The assassins training did provide him with some benefits, however. He has learned to hide his additional two limbs by wrapping them around himself and concealing them underneath his silk cloak. Combined with his hood and goggles, he may be mistaken for an oddly small half-orc (see picture in Underdark).

Notes: So, I’m hoping to be able to do a few things. First, I’d like to be able to have Vold pass himself off as a small half-orc (assuming anyone can see under his small cloak anyway), so that he might be able to converse with people in towns without being immediately killed or captured – although the general racism would still apply. I’m also hoping to be able to use his web in at least a few interesting ways – like creating tripwires around encampments and hanging from ceilings. I assume we can use the information in the monster manual about spiders and the rate at which they make webs to figure out how long that stuff takes. I’m also hoping to add some kind of darkvision – I have difficulty believing that a race living underground that can be dazzled by the sun doesn’t have some form of low-light/darkvision, which doesn’t appear to be in the racial description. Also, potential trade for all Exotic weapon proficiencies (Ninja 1) for Whip proficiency for 4x Whip-Daggers (see Sword & Fist).

Concept: Vold Trapspinner

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